Branch Sec Circular GC 19-08

This circular sets out the procedures for making nominations for election to NIPSA's General Council for the 2019-2020 year i.e. the General Council takes office immediately after NIPSA's Annual Conference in June 2019.  Branches need to take immediate action to ensure nominations comply with the deadline of 22 January 2019.

In January/February 2019 members of the General Council will be elected by an individual ballot of all ordinary members.  The elections for President, Vice-President and Honorary Treasurer will be held at NIPSA's 2019 Annual Conference from among those elected to the General Council following the individual ballot.

A copy of the regulations for the election of the General Council is enclosed.  Your Branch Committee should consider carefully these regulations and I would draw your attention to the following points:

(a) Nominations for the General Council can be made only by NIPSA Branches and at properly convened general meetings of your Branch.

(b) Nominations must be made on the enclosed nomination Form 2A which must be signed by the Branch Chairperson and another Officer of your Branch.

(c) Each candidate must signify his or her consent to his or her nomination.  It is important that Branches obtain this signature as NIPSA Headquarters cannot follow up incomplete forms.

(d) For each candidate I should receive details on the nomination form of the nominee's name (forename in full), gender, address, grade, NIPSA Branch number and signature of consent to act if elected.

(e) Completed nomination forms must reach me by 2.00pm on 22 January 2019.

(f) An election address of up to 100 words may be submitted by candidates for election to the General Council.  Election addresses must be submitted using Form 2B attached and can be sent along with the nomination form or be sent separately by the candidate.

(g) In order to assist Headquarters in compiling the election address booklet a facility has been set up to allow candidates to submit an election address electronically.  Please see instructions attached.  It is important to note if candidates avail of this facility they must also forward a signed copy.

(h) Completed election addresses must reach me by 2.00 pm on 22 January 2019.

The election will be supervised by an Independent Scrutineer (to be advised).

All information received will be treated in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.  This and the Privacy Notice it contains can be accessed on our website at

Please make immediate arrangements for your Branch to hold a meeting to decide on its nominations and in good time for your Branch and your candidates to have all the necessary papers with me by 2.00 pm on 22 January 2019.

Alison Millar

General Secretary