The NIPSA Retired Members Group was formed in 1988 and, with a growing membership, is a vigorous and campaigning Group. It has firm relationships within the NIPSA “family” and with wider organisations promoting the concerns of senior, older and retired persons.

The Group meets five times a year (2nd Wednesday of January, March, May, September and November) normally in NIPSA HQ (Harkin House, Belfast) at 2.00pm. The AGM is the January meeting and the General Secretary is invited to address the Group on current issues and take the chair during election of the Group Officers.

Membership is open to all retired NIPSA members in the Civil and Public Service, and is an honorary branch of NIPSA (Branch 798) and the group receives invitations to NIPSA Conferences each year as guests. The Annual Subscription is currently £10.

The Group is affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention – Northern Ireland region, and is member of the NI Age Sector Platform which is an umbrella organisation comprising 34 interest groups representing senior, retired and older citizens in Northern Ireland, it also has representatives on NIC- ICTU Retired Members Group and Trade Councils throughout NI.

If you join the RMG the benefits available to you would be similar to those enjoyed by paid-up working members these include: NIPSA Diary and Handbook/Discount card Union Newspaper – keeping you informed as to what is going on! Free information on Pensions/Legal/Insurance and Personal Finance services Advice and representation from NIPSA on Pre-Retirement employment issues

Social side: The Group will endeavour to keep you aware of all issues that affect retired and older persons in Northern Ireland, including issues specific to retired Public Sector workers. The Group also has an annual summer outing and Christmas dinner.

Continuing the fight to keep the Trade Union flame alive!