The NIPSA LGB&T Group will defend, protect and enhance the rights of LGB&T NIPSA members in the workplace; engage with & support NIPSA members who are family/friends of LGB&T; work with and advise all NIPSA Branches, Groups & Committees on LGB&T affected workplace policies and issues; campaign for equal rights and opportunities in the workplace, in the wider Trade Union movement and in society; advise on LGB&T related training; and increase membership to NIPSA and the NIPSA LGBT Group.

Our Vision, Where we are Going

Our vision is of an enhanced trade union which is to the betterment of all through the promotion of LGB&T rights in the workplace and in society. We want NIPSA to be at the forefront of all LGB&T related matters, ensuring Employers adopt exceptional and progressive workplace policies and terms & conditions that fully protect our LGB&T NIPSA members.

To help NIPSA representatives the NIPSA LGB&T Group have created a Branch Representatives Toolkit it's available to download click on the link below. 

The judgement given today in Northern Ireland Court of Appeal in Belfast in the case of Lee v Ashers Bakery.

Read the full statement available on the Equality Commission website.

The NIPSA LGB&T Group welcome the decision of the new Health Minister, Michelle O'Neill, to remove the discriminatory life-time ban on men who have sex with men (MSM) donating blood.

Welcome to the latest installment of our Love Equality bulletin!

Northern Ireland went to the polls on 5 May 2016 to elect the new Assembly, and we are delighted to report that according to Amnesty International at least 58 of the 108 recently elected MLAs now support the introduction of equal same-sex marriage legislation. This shows that a clear majority of our democratically elected MLAs now support equal civil marriage.

Read on to find out what you can do to help the campaign over the coming months and also a report from the Belfast launch of 'A Day In May.' If you want to keep in touch with the campaign ensure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Click to read more...

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Yours in equality

The Love Equality Team