Climate Crisis

Thursday 21st, 28th July 4th, 11th August

This course will look at a ‘just transition’ to a greener economy, where workers have a central voice in planning the transition. It’s one where no workers or communities are left behind. And where new jobs that are created are just as good as any that are lost in terms of pay, skills, pensions and trade union recognition.

The course will cover a range of topics including:

What is Just Transition?
  • Understanding the climate and environmental emergency and identifying the impact on your workplace.
  • Working to identify sustainability issues that need to be raised with employers
  • How to carry out workplace environmental audits.
  • How to review and develop workplace environmental policies and agreements
  • Awareness raising and promotion of green workplace practices.
Handling Grievance & Disciplines

Tuesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th August, 6th September
(Evenings, 6.30 to 8.30pm)

This course aims to provide union reps with deeper understanding of resolving members problems through the grievance process and representing members facing disciplinary action.

The course will include:

  • Understanding discipline and grievance process and procedures.
  • Increasing knowledge of the law surrounding the handling of discipline and grievance in the workplace.

Suitable for representatives who wishes to learn more about the grievance and disciplinary process, especially Union Reps who may have responsibility for this in relation to their members.

If you are interested in the above course please return a completed application form by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ensuring you supply the email address you wish the Zoom invitation issued to. A training course application form and a special leave application can be found at the bottom of this article. It is also important that you seek time-off to attend from your employer at an early stage.

Confirmation of acceptance on your chosen course(s) will be issued directly from ICTU.

Please note courses maybe subject to change.

All courses will be conducted via zoom, and will pay particular attention to Covid and how it is effecting workplace issues.

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Trade Union Representatives Stage 1

10 Tuesdays, 03.05.22 – 05.07.22

The 10 day course for union reps and shop stewards focuses on the essential information, employment rights and skills that will be needed in the workplace including understanding union structures, representing members, grievance and discipline and negotiation at work.

Certificate in Employment Law

10 Wednesdays, 04.05.22 – 06.07.22

This course aims to deepen the understanding of concepts raised in the stage 1 course and providing guidance on the practical application and development of rep’s skills. The course includes:

  • Employment Law for Trade Union Representatives;
  • Negotiating Employment Rights at Work;
  • Trade Union Approach to Employment Rights.
Health and Safety Stage 1

10 Fridays, 29.04.22 – 08.07.22, (No Class 03.06.22)

This course is suitable for new health and safety reps or elected reps who have not yet been trained.

It will cover the essential knowledge of the role and skills including organising and an understanding of health and safety legislation and how this can be interpreted for the workplace.

Health and Safety Stage 2

10 Thursdays, 12.05.22 – 28.07.22, (No Class 02.06.22 and 14.07.22)

This stage 2 course is a necessary progression for health and safety reps. Course content includes:

  • Building a Safe and Healthy Workplace;
  • Trade Union Health and Safety Organisation;
  • Trade Unions Keeping up to date on Health and Safety;
  • Trade Unions Effecting Change in Health and Safety;
  • Health and Safety Representatives – Expanding Skills.