I am writing to advise you that the General Council, at their meeting on Friday 5 June 2020, rescinded the decision of the previous General Council to fill the positions of President, Vice-President and Honorary Treasurer by election via Branch Ballot on the basis they did not believe these elections could be conducted in the current circumstances of Covid 19 with many branches not being able to contact many of their members or hold branch meetings due to members working from home, shielding and other issues.

Therefore, the elections indicated in my letter of 22 May 2020 will not proceed and Civica (formerly Electoral Reform Services) have been advised accordingly.

The General Council exercised Rule 6.7 of the NIPSA Constitution to fill the posts of President, Vice-President and Honorary Treasurer. As a result the NIPSA Officer positions were filled as follows:

  • President: Brian Smyth
  • Vice-President: Frances O’Neill
  • Honorary Treasurer: Sean Garland

The General Council also decided to give further consideration to the filling of the vacancy on the NIPSA Standing Orders Committee and the NIPSA Editorial Committee at their next scheduled meeting to be held on 22 June 2020.

Alison Millar
General Secretary