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Why are we taking industrial action including strike action?

Inflation is running at 2%. You have received a 1.25% pay increase and this has been imposed for the 3rd successive year. In the past 10 years, below inflation pay awards have eroded your pay in real terms by between 10% and 20%. The NICS pay awards have been far below recent awards to other public sector workers.

Now available to download we have published a leaflet calling members to action,

NIPSA Announces a Full Day Strike on 26 July 2019

Further to the article Staff Officer/Deputy Principal Competition posted on dated 24 June 2019 I can confirm the result of the Industrial Action Ballot as follows: 

Are you prepared to take part in industrial action consisting of a strike?

Number of ballot papers returned 5,937
Number of ballot papers found to be invalid 114
Total number of ballot papers to be counted 5823
Number voting Yes
3,991 (68.5%)
Number voting No 1,832 (31.5%)