NIPSA has a keen interest in occupational health and safety (OHS). Our representatives are active in the parallel strands of prevention, by promoting compliance with health and safety law, and mitigation, through initiatives that help, where appropriate, to keep injured or ill colleagues in work and rehabilitated back to work from sick leave.

A range of our representatives may be involved, but principally our health and safety reps appointed under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations (NI) 1979. Research conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows that Trade Union health and safety reps help lower accidents and injuries by as much as 75%, reduce ill health and promote a positive health and safety culture within their employing organisation. We use this evidence as the basis for encouraging our health and safety reps to be active, fulfil their functions and help not only protect their members but also their employer, by accruing the business benefits of a healthier, more productive workforce.

NIPSA is unique as a Trade Union in enjoying amongst its membership the highest concentration of health and safety professionals who are employed in regulatory organisations such as HSENI, local government and others across the civil and public services. As such our insight into Northern Ireland’s health and safety culture is well informed and our commitment to its reputation unequivocal. This includes the professional reputation of an individual member as well as that of their employing organisation. In the context of regulatory reform, we therefore reflect the views of regulators and duty-holders.

NIPSA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposals and our response is as follows.

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