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Why should you join NIPSA?

NIPSA is your local public service union, covering civil and public service employers in Northern Ireland. NIPSA represents staff in the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Education and Library Boards, District Councils, Non Departmental Public Bodies, Housing Associations and the Voluntary Sector.

NIPSA offers a wide range of services to its members. As a NIPSA member you will enjoy a great range of benefits, including:

Personal Representation: Access to advice, information and personal representation. Whether you are experiencing difficulties at work in a grievance or disciplinary matter, feel overloaded, or believe you are being discriminated against, we are there to help you.

Collective Negotiation: NIPSA is viewed across the public sector as a formidable negotiator for improved pay and conditions.

Job Security: NIPSA campaigns for permanent contracts, career progression, adequate staffing and resources. Professional Support: NIPSA provides you with a forum to raise professional issues, voice your concerns and influence decisions that affect your job.

Health and Safety Protection: NIPSA promotes good health and safety practices in your workplace.

Legal Advice and Assistance: Free legal assistance – NIPSA members won around £750,000 in compensation.

Other Membership Services: Memberhship Plus, latest discounts and offers. Financial Services. If you wish to become a member of NIPSA complete the application form or if you would like further information about becoming a member then please contact us.

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Annual Salary (£)
(after pensions deductions)
Monthly# Annual Salary (£)
(after pensions deductions)
5,000 2.08 20,000 8.33
6,000 2.50 21,000 8.75
7,000 2.92 22,000 9.17
8,000 3.33 23,000 9.58
9,000 3.75 24,000 10.00
10,000 4.17 25,000 10.42
11,000 4.58 26,000 10.83
12,000 5.00 27,000 11.25
13,000 5.42 28,000 11.67
14,000 5.83 29,000 12.08
15,000 6.25 30,000 12.50
16,000 6.67 30,250 12.60
17,000 7.08 30,500 12.71
18,000 7.50 31,000 12.92
19,000 7.92 31,215 (max) 13.01