As members are well aware across all areas in which NIPSA organise members have suffered pay freezes and minimal pay increases since 2010. This has been driven by the Government’s pay cap which has been imposed on public sector workers since 2010. As a result members have received below inflation pay increases, cuts to take home pay by increases in public sector pensions and national insurance contributions. NIPSA has many members who report having to take second jobs – if they are available just to make ends meet.

The public sector pay cap effectively means that any pay negotiations have taken place against this backdrop. It is not acceptable. We can no longer accept that this is our lot until at least 2020 or beyond. Our members can no longer accept that they must suffer further austerity and cuts to take home pay. Inflation is currently running at 2.9% and is expected to break 3% before the year end.

NIPSA has been raising this issue with NIC ICTU and work is underway to collectively seek to break the pay cap. We must collectively seek to attack the Tory Government which is in disarray on this issue. We must challenge all NI MPs to ensure that they support NI public sector workers and ask them to pressurise the Government to drop the pay cap. We must pressurise the DUP to change their position – they need to support all public sector workers in securing a decent pay increase.

The leaflet (click on the download link below) should be circulated widely to all members to lobby MPs, MLAs and local councillors to ensure that NIPSA members now and in the future no longer have their pay determined by a cap which is not relevant to the collective bargaining process.

A letter which all members, as constituents should send to your MP/MLA, is available to download (click on the letter download below). This letter will also be a circulated under separate cover to branches.

Please circulate the leaflet widely, leaflet your workplace, use this as tool to recruit new members to build the strength of NIPSA. Let us build the confidence of members that we can fight and break the public sector pay cap.

Alison Millar
General Secretary

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