How austerity measures are detrimental to LGB&T communities 

Tory/NI Assembly austerity measures, coupled with the de-prioritisation of LGB&T services, will disproportionally affect vulnerable and minority groups including LGB&T communities.

NIPSA LGB&T are standing up for you, but we need your support to campaign against the austerity measures to help protect LGB&T individuals from:

The report, entitled “Through our Eyes”, researches the experience and perceptions of LGB people in Northern Ireland’s workplace regarding equality and diversity. Key findings include: 

  • Over 40% of respondents from the private and public sectors have heard negative comments about LGB people from colleagues in the workplace; 
  • More than one in four respondents from the public and private sector conceal their sexual orientation in the workplace; 
  • Over 30% of respondents across all workplace sectors would not, or don’t know if they would, feel comfortable approaching management for support if they were victim of homophobic bullying at work, and 
  • More than one in four respondents across all workplace sectors have had reason to make a complaint relating to their sexual orientation. 

“Through Our Eyes” is the second in a series of research reports conducted by The Rainbow Project. Full details on this research click on the link below. 

Download this file (through_our_eyes.pdf)Through Our Eyes 1622 kB