Fight Back on the Cost of Living
Demand that the NI Assembly Pay Civil and Public Servants Inflation Plus a Real Pay Increase

NIPSA is calling on all members to join the fight for a real cost of living pay increases for all Public and Civil Servants. As a step in this campaign we are asking members to support two demonstrations that have been called by the trade union movement.

UNITE Demonstration
Saturday 18 June 2022
Belfast City Hall


ICTU Demonstration
Saturday 25 June 2022
12.00 noon
Main Gate on the Upper Newtownards Road

In the history of the NI Assembly, it has never addressed the key issues facing workers and their families. Civil and Public Servants have seen a year on year decline in the value of their pay. This cost of living crisis is set to be the worst in decades and inflation is expected to rise even further.

While big business made a killing from COVID-19, the Civil and Public Service workers who guided society through the pandemic are now facing in-work poverty. It is time to send a clear message to all Northern Ireland political parties to say, ‘enough is enough’. They must start delivering for workers and their families and must start now by taking immediate action to address the cost of living crisis.

I am calling on NIPSA members and their families to attend the rallies and add their voices to the call for action by all the political parties here.

Carmel Gates
General Secretary