HSC 2021/22 Pay

You will be aware that the Government has offered NHS workers in England 3%. No offer has yet been made to HSC workers in NI. However, NIPSA and the Health Unions are meeting the Health Minister on 16 August when we will collectively highlight our demand for Fair Pay. After discussion the NIPSA Health Panel agreed at their meeting on 3 August that if 3% is offered in NI it falls far short of our members expectations and on that basis they will recommend rejection when members are consulted.

Car Parking Charges

During the Covid Pandemic, the Health Minister implemented a policy removing Car Parking Charges for HSC workers in recognition of their stepping up to the fight against the virus. After a series of extensions these measures are due to end on 31 August 2021. NIPSA and the Health Unions will raise this on the 16 August with the Minister highlighting that the reintroduction of charges will be resisted by members, particularly at this time when staff are being asked to volunteer to do additional work when they are already over stretched providing health services for us all.

NIPSA’s Health Panel view these charges as a pay cut for workers who need to park at their place of work, therefore as part of the overall NIPSA pay campaign a rally in opposition to Car Parking Charges is being held on 24 August at 1pm at the front gates at Stormont to highlight this issue to the Minister and all political parties, we will talk to the other Health Unions about this also. The justification given by the Department of Health for the re-introduction of car parking charges for staff is that it raises revenue for the health service, NIPSA view this as a tax on workers.

Safe Staffing

Ongoing and remains an integral part of the NIPSA Campaign.

Mental Capacity Act

NIPSA are proceeding with legal action on this matter.

Should you have any queries please raise with your Branch officers in the first instance.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary