New NIPSA Policy and Research Booklet: A Pointer not the Whole Point

National and international responses to the pandemic have shown us the actual and potential economic power that states have at their disposal when they choose to deploy it. What is also clear is that just when a strong spine of public services and real social security was most needed to save lives, the extent of the longstanding and deliberate enfeeblement of public provision, that made this more difficult, has been fully exposed.

The consequences of this have facilitated a number of policy debates beyond health about a required re-ordering of society that might change the post-pandemic landscape and ensure 'no going back' to these failed economic models.

The latest NIPSA research booklet is a contribution to this debate providing an introduction to the concept of "basic income" and exploring a range of motives from some of its proponents. It also develops the arguments for a progressive Basic Income approach, expanding them to advance a broader collective campaign for Universal Basic Services as a means to revitalise the trade union movement's longstanding campaigns in defence of public services.

The research booklet "A Pointer not the Whole Point" is now available to download click the link below or via the publications section of the NIPSA website.

Alison Millar
General Secretary
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