NIPSA members across the union will no doubt have been sickened and saddened by the scenes of violence over the last few days and the attacks on workers including a bus driver and journalist/photographer who were doing their jobs. While NIPSA appreciates there are tensions and disaffections in communities the answers to these deep seated issues are not to turn to violence. Violence destroys communities and destroys lives.

Workers be they police officers, bus drivers and journalists do not go to work to be attacked and NIPSA will stand with all workers and oppose violence from whatever quarter.

We therefore call on the Assembly and those of influence to do all in their power to ensure the violence stops and that workers are free to go to work and carry out their work without fear of violence.

On behalf of NIPSA I want to express solidarity and support with all workers who must be free from violence when they go to work. There can be No Going Back to the past.

Alison Millar
General Secretary