You may have heard the media reports regarding the new Agency Worker Framework for the NI Civil Service. While NIPSA wants to secure the maximum number of permanent jobs in the NICS we have been in negotiations with the NICS regarding the new Agency Worker Framework which has been issued for tender today.

During the negotiations NIPSA argued for rights for workers from Day 1 of their employment which included pay, leave and time off for dental and medical appointments. NIPSA welcome the announcement today that the Minister has agreed that Agency Workers deserve these rights from Day 1. While this is a welcome development for Agency Workers NIPSA is in no doubt that with thousands of agency workers employed across the NICS this issue is not sustainable and we are pressing hard for those agency workers to be replaced with permanent jobs. It is vitally important that the abuse and misuse of agency workers in the NICS and other areas of the public sector must stop. It cannot be right that in many areas of the civil and public services there are as many agency workers as full time workers sitting side by side delivering vital public services. Agency workers do not have access to the same pension schemes as civil and public servants, so while some progress has been made which is welcomed by NIPS

Alison Millar
General Secretary