We continue to promote the view that it is essential for the Trade Union movement to engage in a “battle of ideas” not only to challenge the dominant economic orthodoxy that has brought cuts and privatisation to our members and their families but also to explore alternative policy models that would reshape our society for the better. The latest NIPSA Policy and Research publication, arising from a conference motion proposing NIPSA campaign for the introduction of a four-day week in the NICS, continues this mission.

The booklet makes the point that it is essential that all policies – particularly in the midst of and in response to a pandemic - do not lose sight of the economic power that states can deploy when they choose to do so and that the future nature of the world of work is ours to (collectively) shape. The research booklet “Reshaping the Future: The Case for a Four Day Week” is now available to download.

Alison Millar
General Secretary