I am advising that the Health Central Panel has met a number of times over the last few weeks to consider and discuss the NIPSA HSC 2021 pay claim.  Various information was considered and discussed, taking account of the huge effort and recognition of NHS workers responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.  It was agreed that the NIPSA claim would be:
A flat rate increase of £3,000 or a percentage increase of 15%, whichever is higher for any pay point.
This information has been forwarded on to the Trade Union side of the NHS staff council, to feed into the deliberations on the various positions coming from the NHS Trade Unions and to contribute to the debate on the formulation of a collective claim.  
NIPSA believe that our claim is what our members deserve and you will be aware that NIPSA rejected the previous 2-year deal, as it did not offer an above inflation uplift for the majority of our membership.
NIPSA have also joined with the other Health Unions to campaign to “Bring Forward” the April 2021 implementation date so members get their pay uplift sooner.  The detail of all of this is still being considered and more information will be posted as soon as possible.
Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary