NIPSA the largest public sector trade union representing 42,000 public sector workers responds to the UK Government announcement on the pay of public sector workers.

Alison Millar, NIPSA General Secretary stated:

“While the announcement by the Westminster Government indicates that the 1% pay cap has gone the pay awards announced do not address the issue of the significant pay deficit which have been experienced by public sector workers over the past decade.

During the pandemic many public sector workers continued to deliver vital public services and pay increases of between 2% and 3.1% do not address the issues for those members who were promised they would be rewarded for the vital work they performed during the last number of months and continue to do so.

NIPSA, under the auspices of NIC ICTU met with the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy last week on the issue of Public Sector Pay in NI. We made it abundantly clear that all public sector workers deserved an above inflation pay increase and a significant element of pay restoration. We also made it clear that the NI Executive should not set artificial barriers to free collective bargaining and that a remit should not be set in advance of negotiations commencing which would prohibit proper and meaningful negotiations to take place. The Minister recognised the issues raised and indicated that he had witnessed first-hand the dedication of many public sector workers, particularly over the last few months.

No decisions have been taken on public sector pay in Northern Ireland and NIPSA together with other public sector trade unions will continue to press for a fair and decent pay increase for all public sector workers which starts to address the issue of pay restoration.”