Preparations continue for the one day strike already announced for members in the Northern Ireland Civil Service.  It is absolutely imperative that members support this day of strike on 24 January 2020 as it will send a clear signal to the Finance Minister and the newly formed NI Executive and the NI Assembly that we are serious about ensuring NI Civil Servants get the pay rise they deserve. 

It has been recognised by senior political representatives that Civil Servants have kept the country running in the 3 years when they were not in Government.  It is now time for hard working Civil Servants to receive the just outcome for this commitment over the preceding 3 years.

I am attaching to this bulletin a leaflet which I would ask that members read and encourage other members to join the action and encourage non-members to join NIPSA and join the strike this Friday.

Letter to MLAs 

Members should also, if they have not already done so, contact their MLAs using the template letter already circulated, copy of this is available here

This is one small way you can put pressure on our political representatives to get our message out to them that they have a responsibility to resolve this dispute.

Picket Lines 

It is important that on Friday you make every effort to attend the picket line at your workplace or one close to home.  You will have noticed that during the Health Strike on 18 December and other strikes that there were massive picket lines which was a very visual message to the public and the elected representatives that all Health workers were serious about seeking a just outcome for their pay and safe staffing. 

Meeting with Finance Minister

Members may have seen the press release issued by the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy following a phone call with myself on Friday last.  The Minister made it clear that he wanted to have positive engagement with NIPSA in an effort to resolve the dispute.  NIPSA is meeting with the Finance Minister on Wednesday afternoon and we will be putting our case strongly to the Minister why he must seek to resolve this dispute and ensure Civil Servants receive a just outcome after 9 years of below inflation pay increases.  Our demands are simple, an above inflation pay increase and a move to address pay restoration.  We sincerely hope the Minister will react positively to our demands which we will robustly make. 

Meeting with Management Side 

NIPSA also has a meeting late Thursday afternoon with the Management Side negotiating team and we hope that we can now commence serious, meaningful and constructive negotiations.  However this can only happen if they are given the flexibility to engage positively with the money to resolve the dispute. 

Selective Action 

Selective Action will commence at the being of February in the Courts and PPSNI.  Further details will be communicated early next week so that members can support this action.

What Next After Friday 24

NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee are meeting on 30 January to consider and announce the next steps of our campaign. 

Please play your part in ensuring we send a strong message to the Finance Minister and all our political representatives by taking strike action on Friday 24 January.

Alison Millar
General Secretary