The NIPSA Health Central Panel met yesterday, Thursday 16 January, to consider the latest offer on Pay and Safe Staffing.

The Panel had representation from all NIPSA branches covering all Health and Social Care employment areas in attendance. 

After extensive and detailed discussion the following was agreed:

  1. The Panel is recommending that NIPSA members reject Management's Safe Staffing document.
  2. The Panel is recommending that members reject Management's Pay document.
  3. NIPSA will carry out a comprehensive consultation with members in all employment areas.
  4. NIPSA industrial action will continue as follows:
  •  Action short of strike action.
  • Continue to prepare for selective action across employment areas.
  • Suspend our Nurses action in line with the RCN decision.
  • Discuss the 24 January 2020 strike with our Trade Unionist colleagues with a view to setting an alternative date.

NIPSA consultation process will begin next week.  Pay and Safe Staffing documents along with notes will be provided.  Location and details will follow.

If you have any queries please contact your Branch Secretary.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary