NIPSA members in Land and Property Services will take a full day strike on Monday 30th September 2019 in support of the ongoing campaign to deliver an above inflation pay increase, pay restoration, and sending a clear message that NICS Management must desist in seeking to attack and undermine terms and conditions of employment.

 Alison Millar, NIPSA’s General Secretary stated:

 “Hundreds of NIPSA members in LPS will take a full day strike in furtherance of our ongoing campaign against the decision to impose a 1.25% pay increase for 2018/19 and a refusal to re-open these negotiations.  Also Management Side have been moving to attack the hard won terms and conditions of members – which is totally unacceptable.  Early this year the Management Side refused to consult with NIPSA on significant changes to promotion arrangements within the NICS. As a result we were forced into a position of taking the unprecedented step of lodging a Judicial Review which is listed for hearing on 29 November 2019. 

 Our members in LPS voted to take this action on 30th September as it coincides with Landlord Discount Day.  Millions of pounds were collected on the same day in 2018 – this year our members will be on strike. 

 I want to make it abundantly clear – our members do not want to be on strike – they want to be in work delivering vital public services – however they have had enough and are demanding that they and their union are listened to.  They are saying loud and clear – give us a decent pay increase and reward the work we do in the delivery of public services.  Members are also sending a clear message – hands off our terms and conditions of service.

 For the last 1000 days civil servants have been delivering public services without an Assembly – they need to be rewarded and respected appropriately.”