NIPSA Branches and members are quite understandably concerned and continue to seek explanations about the delay in prosecuting these cases, given that they were originally lodged in the summer of 2016.

Periodically, the General Secretary and my predecessor Kevin McCabe met with the Legal Advisors who have taken carriage of the 650+ cases that NIPSA has lodged along with the 150+ cases that Unison have also lodged and who have agreed to legally joint fund the cost of prosecuting these cases.

Our Legal Advisors have provided us with the following update:-

"At a recent and further Case Management Discussion held at the Office of Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal (OITFET), an Employment Judge ruled that these current cases will be stayed to await the outcome of the appeal to the Supreme Court on the earlier Mencap decision."

NIPSA has been advised that if members have for whatever reason stopped doing sleep-ins as part of their normal working arrangements, or will not be doing sleep-ins for a period of excess of 3 months, then they need to advise NIPSA as a matter of priority as proceedings would have to be lodged on a protective basis on their behalf.  It is your responsibility to confirm your current position if and when you have stopped doing sleep-ins and why.

If you have stopped sleep-ins please email my Secretary, Seaneen Johnston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following relevant details for further action:



Reason for stopping sleep-ins (inclusive of any period of stopping sleep-ins for longer than 3 months

When you stopped working sleep-ins

Name of employer whilst working sleep-ins

Contact Number

Maria Morgan

Assistant Secretary