The Love Equality Campaign has announced a major march and rally for marriage equality to be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.  Details are as follows:

The march in Belfast will gather from 1 pm in Writers' Square, departing 1.45 pm

Rally with speeches from stage in front of Belfast City Hall at approximately 2.15 pm

Among the speakers who will address the rally will be Sara Canning, partner of Journalist Lyra McKee, who was murdered in Derry/Londonderry last month.

Campaigners, along with Lyra's friends and family, will be attending the rally and demanding that any re-established Stormont Government must deliver marriage equality legislation to bring the region into line with the rest of the UK and Ireland.  Failing that, they want the UK Government to intervene to end discrimination against same-sex couples in Northern Ireland.

In line with the objects of NIPSA to promote equality of opportunity for all members, we will be supporting the event.  NIPSA LGB&T flags and banner will be carried at the march and rally.

On behalf of the General Council we wish to encourage branches and members to support the march and rally on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Alison Millar

General Secretary