NIPSA wishes to publicly and wholeheartedly support the brave Nurses and Midwives who are members of INMO in their current struggle and salute them for taking the brave stand of taking lawful industrial action against the intransigence of the Irish Government in seeking to engage meaningfully to resolve the dispute.

NIPSA sends its solidarity to the INMO in their existing struggle for decent pay and safe staffing levels.  The issues facing the INMO and in the Republic of Ireland are the same for Nurses and Midwives and all health service workers in Northern Ireland.  The pay of Health Service workers in Northern Ireland are the worst across the UK and the staffing levels have been cut to the bone and beyond.

The health of citizens across the island of Ireland needs to be properly funded and the staff who work in the two Health Services needs to receive decent pay to ensure they do not have to consider second jobs and working excessive hours to make ends meet.

NIPSA wishes the INMO every success in seeking proper and meaningful resolution of the current dispute and extends the hand of solidarity.

NIPSA activists will be attending the INMO organised rally tomorrow (Saturday) in Dublin to show in a practical way our support and solidarity.

Alison Millar
General Secretary