NIPSA's members in the PSNI are participating in a ballot for Industrial Action and Action Short of Strike Action.

This is in relation to the years of stagnation whereby police staff are given significantly less than their Police Officer counterparts in what is widely known as "danger money", formally named the "Revised Environmental Allowance" (REA).

NIPSA members face similar threats as their Officer counterparts on a daily basis yet are only afforded 1/7th of the financial reward of their colleagues in green.  This threat is solely linked to being employed by the PSNI and our members are considered 'legitimate targets' by those who wish to disrupt society and threaten peace.

NIPSA believes that our members are both under threat and undervalued.  There is a two tier workforce and mentality within the PSNI and the disparity of pay and terms and conditions creates further divide.  An uplift to the REA would create a solid foundation towards equality by showing staff that their lives are no less valued than their officer counterparts.

The malign minority in society who threaten PSNI staff don't differentiate between officer and police staff, and NIPSA believes that the Department of Justice (DoJ) shouldn't either, in how it views the staff.  NIPSA, on behalf of our members, have had enough of having to go with a begging bowl in the hope there are some scraps left over within the budget to finally reward them for performing their roles whilst under the most dangerous of circumstances.

NIPSA believes that the Justice Minister owes a duty of care to these hardworking members and budget considerations cannot be cited as a valid excuse when the money is able to be sourced for officers and linked to their pay awards and yet civilian staff under the same threats and risk are told there isn't sufficient money to replicate this for them.