Welcome to this edition of our NIPSA Members Update for education workers. We hope you find it useful.

Pay and Grading Review

You will be aware that NIPSA is involved in action to achieve Pay and Grading justice. This has involved publicity, campaigning, lobbying and industrial action. We have made considerable progress but there is still some distance to go. With that in mind NIPSA Education Strike Committee met today, 21 May 2024, to agree next steps. All NIPSA branches in education were represented.

The Strike Committee has agreed the following,


A strike day on Monday 3 June 2024

Please note

  • The strike will last all day;
  • All members in EA schools and EA HQ and other EA locations will take part;
  • The strike will take place on the same day as GMB and Unite are out;
  • NIPSA recognises the importance of exams during this period, with that in mind we will seek to enter ‘derogation’ discussions with the EA and schools.
Action Short of Strike Action

In addition, NIPSA is reinforcing Action Short of Strike Action

Members are asked to do the following:

  • Work to your Job Description;
  • Do not cover absent posts (illness, leave, strike action by other unions etc);
  • Only work your contracted hours unless you are being paid, receiving time in lieu or accruing flexi;
  • Do not use personal phones or computers for EA/school business.
Members Meeting

NIPSA will hold an all members Teams Meeting on Tuesday 28 May at 7.00 p.m., to report back the latest developments on the Pay and Grading Review and to answer any questions on strike action.

Members will recieve details of the link to join the meeting seperately and if they have any difficulties, should contact their branch secretary.