NIPSA has lodged tribunal cases for Injury to Feelings arising out of the McCloud decision on public sector pensions.

The purpose of this bulletin is to advise members that an individual mailshot will be issued to home addresses which will provide you with a further update on the ongoing claim that has been submitted on behalf of those members who we believe were members of a public sector pension scheme on or before 1 April 2015 and who we believe have suffered age discrimination because of changes to their pension which occurred after this date.

Following consultation with our legal advisors and to ensure that claims did not fall foul of limitation dates, we instructed our legal advisors to submit claims on behalf of our members. The claims were submitted in various tranches between July – September 2022 given the significant numbers of Claimants involved (40,000+).

Since then, the Tribunal Office has been processing the claims issued, sending them to the various Respondents and receiving the defence to the claims. Some claims remain to be processed by the Tribunal and a further number await a defence from the various Respondents to the claim.

However, from the responses received to date, one common theme has arisen across the various Respondents and that is the issue of consent.


Simply put, the Respondents are alleging that we and/or our legal representatives did not have the express consent of our members before submitting a claim on their behalf.

We believe this is an attempt on the part of the Respondents to deprive you of the opportunity to bring a claim in respect of discrimination that has been publicly admitted by the Government.

If the Respondents are successful in this argument, your case may be struck out, and you may lose access to compensation that we believe you are entitled to. We need your help to ensure that this does not happen!

The individual mailshot will ask you to use one of the following ways to reaffirm your authority for NIPSA and McCartan Turkington Breen Solicitors to act on your behalf in these proceedings and to take all steps necessary to progress your claim:

1. Scan the following QR code to the NIPSA specific section of our Solicitor’s website and answer the small number of questions required to provide the necessary consent relating to your claim;

qr 1


2. Complete the pro-forma enclosed with the individual mailshot and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided;


3. Scan the completed pro-forma enclosed with the individual mailshot and email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is also a pro-forma attached to this bulletin if you wish to complete it in advance of receiving the mailshot.

It should take you no more than 2 minutes to complete the short questionnaire and could make all the difference in ensuring that your employer fails in this attempt to stop you pursuing your claim.

Before completing the questionnaire, you will need the following:

1. Your NIPSA Membership Number (which is provided at the top of the individual letter sent).

2. Details of your pension provider as at 1 April 2015.

3. Your contact details.

If you have not received the individual mailshot by Tuesday 23 May 2023, it is unlikely that we hold your current home address. If you are uncertain if we have your current home address or would like to update your address, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 028 90661831.

If you have any questions, feel free to access the FAQs on the NIPSA website:

When you receive the individual letter please ensure you give this matter your urgent attention. We would be grateful if you could take this action by no later than 14 days from the date of receipt.

Carmel Gates
General Secretary