Please find below the NJC Trade Union Side pay claim for 1 April 2023. Our claim is for:

  • An increase of RPI + 2% on all spinal column points

In addition:

  • Consideration of a flat rate increase to hourly rates of pay in order to bring the minimum rate up to £15 per hour within two years
  • A review and improvement of NJC terms for family leave and pay
  • A review of job evaluation outcomes for school staff whose day-to-day work includes working on Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • An additional day of annual leave for personal or well-being purposes
  • A homeworking allowance for staff for whom it is a requirement to work from home
  • A reduction in the working week by two hours
  • A review of the pay spine, including looking at the top end, and discussions about the link between how remuneration can be used to improve retention
Alan Law
Assistant Secretary