NIPSA members in Mid & East Antrim Council along with members of our sister unions in GMB and Unite have voted to accept the management local pay offer comprising of;

  • An increase of 1 spinal column point for each employee (up to and including Head of Service level) which would be backdated to 01 April 2022.
  • A further increase of 1 spinal column point for each employee (up to and including Head of Service level), effective from 01 April 2023.
  • Council’s commitment to develop an appropriate and best practice job evaluation model upon completion of the structure work that is currently ongoing.

NIPSA Official Eamon Farrell welcomed the positive outcome for members and said, ‘While the members have voted for this and we welcome the offer, we must recognise that it does not meet everything that we have asked for. At times negotiations where difficult given historical management issues, which to some degree still casts a dark cloud over the Council. However, we are slowly moving out of the shadow with improvements to industrial relations which has allowed a deal to be reached giving some hope for members.’

Branch Secretary Nigel Devine commented ‘Given the financial restraints on the Council and ratepayers of the Borough due to previous management teams, it was not an easy negotiation to get over the line. The Branch acknowledges the work of the interim Chief Executive and SMT in working with the Joint Trade Unions in making an offer, although short of our ask, which was viewed as largely positive by our members.’

The Joint Trade Unions have requested from Council that the offer is now put formally in writing before ratification and signing off at the LCNF meeting scheduled for October in order to put money in members pockets as soon as possible.

Patrick Mulholland
Deputy General Secretary