A leaflet has been produced in furtherance of the aims of Resolution No 75, which was adopted at the 2019 NIPSA Annual Delegate Conference. The leaflet can be downloaded from the link below. The leaflet is aimed at Branch Reps, giving advice and support on how to look after your mental health.

28 April | #IWM2020

The key to prevention is not sticking a plaster over the problem after it occurs, it is about taking action to ensure it does not happen in the first place.

Employers must recognise that work-related stress is a major health and safety risk and they have a duty to manage and eliminate the risk as they have with any other hazard

Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic and emotional event in a person’s life. It can cause fear and worry and can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including their working life. Cancer and its treatment will be a challenge, and each person will have a different experience.