Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic and emotional event in a person’s life. It can cause fear and worry and can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including their working life. Cancer and its treatment will be a challenge, and each person will have a different experience.

A major issue for NIPSA is Health and Safety of our members and all workers. The NIPSA Health and Safety Committee are elected each year to work on all matters relating to this vital issue. 

NIPSA Health and Safety Committee

Membership of the Committee comprises of:

  • 16 ordinary members,

  • 1 member from the General Council,

  • 1 member from the Civil Service Group Executive Committee and

  • 1 member from the Public Officer’s Group Executive Committee.

An EU Exit must not be used as a pretext to dismantle hard won rights and protections including Health and Safety Standards

This was the clear message from delegates at the 8th Annual NIPSA Health and Safety Conference on 24 October 2017 in the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast. The theme of this year’s Conference was “The Impact of an EU Exit on Health and Safety”.

NIPSA is committed to improving the working lives and conditions of all members. Pressing for healthy and safe workplaces for everyone is a core part of every branch health and safety representative’s role. Being aware of the issues relating to gender in occupational health and safety ensures that workplaces are safer and healthier for everyone. This is because, where the differences between men and women are acknowledged when assessing risk and deciding suitable risk control solutions, there is a greater chance of ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of all members is protected. That is why it is important to take a gender-sensitive approach to health and safety at work, which is a way of improving protection for both women and men and making sure that everyone is equally protected.

This guide aims to highlight the different health and safety risks that female, male and transgender members are exposed to at work and advise on how branch Health and Safety Reps can take a gender-sensitive approach when negotiating adjustments and health and safety policies and procedures with their employer.

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Members and Officals from NIPSA, participate in a wreath laying ceremony at Stormont Grounds to remember International Workers Memorial Day

International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) is a day to remember people who have been killed, injured or made ill by work. It is a day when workers focus on health and safety at work, both in our workplaces and at events locally, nationally and worldwide.