I’m guilty of not really thinking about this subject until I attended the ICTU Global Solidarity summer school this year and sat through a presentation on the subject of climate change which totally changed my thinking. I didn’t realise the huge impact that this has on our lives and with small measures we can assist in the change.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to changes in the earth’s climate over the last hundred years. Some of these changes have natural causes but the effect of man-made greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for recent upward shifts in the global temperature. Climate change can cause extreme weather conditions, including hotter summers and colder winters. The UK 21 Century Climate Change Scenarios (UKCIPO8) provides information on the current and future trends of the climate in the United Kingdom.

Despite positive noises coming from the Colombian government, the multitude of problems keeps building for the peace process and the broader political situation in the country.

by Stephen McCloskey, Director, Centre for Global Education

The Trump Administration in the United States has rocked the Middle-East with two devastating policy announcements in recent months that have created fear and instability for the five million Palestinians living in the region.

by Michael Robinson, NIPSA Global Solidarity Committee

Each year seems to bring new revelations about off-shore finance and rampant tax avoidance/evasion, by amongst others, multinational companies, celebrities and what are charmingly termed “high net-worth individuals.” These revelations are now so common that they get named for easy identification, much in the manner of annual hurricanes.

At last month’s ICTU’s Disability conference in Portlaoise, John Coghlan founder and chair of Disability Aid Abroad told the conference, chaired by Marcel Dummigan of NIPSA, of the unique support that NIPSA had made in promoting the human rights of disabled people in developing countries, particularly with regards to the employment rights of disabled women in sub Saharan Africa.

Income generation and support for Artisans in Ruvuma, the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Within the next four months with the support of NIPSA Global Solidarity and Developing World Fund, Tools for Solidarity (TFS), aim to have their new Ruvuma project, up and running. SIDO (Small Industries Development Organisation), who have strong links with TFS, was keen for the charity to set up a new project, similar to the tailoring project in Mwanza, Tanzania. The Mwanza project, which trains rural women’s groups in tailoring skills and sewing machine maintenance, has been running successfully since 2007; it has provided an excellent working model for this type of self-sufficiency project.