The project is being proposed in the backdrop of extremely lower livelihood situation. With minimal, and too often, with no access to financial resources

Thus the target communities, particularly, women are in dire need of provision of technical and financial resources to uplift their social, economic and livelihood status for better living. In order to materialize it, the project seeks to provide with, and promote livestock among the target population.

The Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions/CETU/ in collaboration with Disability Aid Abroad/DAA report on this NIPSA funded project.

Download this file (Report-2017-Training.pdf)Disability Champions Training Ethiopia[Download the report on this NIPSA funded project]856 kB
report by Lucia Collins

This two day annual event attended by over 80 Trade Unionists from all over Ireland highlighted the invaluable work carried out by unions and affiliates to train, support and provide aid for global solidarity projects all over the developing world.

It is a testament to UK/Ireland workers that whilst we continue to tackle austerity caused by the failings of our own government that we collaborate to lobby governments worldwide and fight to provide a better way of life including supporting provision of basic human rights to those less fortunate than us.

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Download this file (40080-2.pdf)ICTU Global Summer School Report[Click to download the report by Lucia Collins]798 kB
by Michael Robinson, NIPSA Global Solidarity Committee

Free trade deals are in the news again. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU has been held up by Belgium and Donald Trump, now President of the USA (really) has indicated that he intends to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as soon as he gets installed in the White House and completes a garish redecoration of the Oval Office. (He’s bound to.)

by Stephen McCloskey, Director, Centre for Global Education

In January 2016, 400 children aged 7-13 years were enrolled on to a new two year project in the Gaza Strip funded by the NIPSA Developing World Fund. The project is jointly managed by the Centre for Global Education in Belfast and our partner in Gaza, the Canaan Institute, a dynamic Palestinian non-governmental organisation highly experienced in education, facilitation and capacity-building. The aim of the project is to provide psycho-social support to children suffering the acute effects of trauma caused by three wars in Gaza since 2008 and the grinding poverty created by a ten year Israeli siege. The project also supplements the children’s education because, like most young people in Gaza, they can only attend school for half a day because of a chronic shortage of school buildings. The project is delivered through four community centres in Gaza: the Never Stop Dreaming Center in Khan Yunis (southern Gaza); the Heker El Jame Youth Association, Deir el Balah (central Gaza); the Rural Family Development Association in Moghraga, a village 10 km south of Gaza City; and the Palestinian Women’s Development Society, Bureij, a refugee camp in central Gaza.

Politics and Disability in Ethiopia

The NIPSA-funded project to help Ethiopian trade unions develop their skills and expertise in the area of disability rights is really taking off now. And Ethiopia certainly needs a little solidarity from friends outside.