An appeal supported by NIPSA in 2014 is helping to fund a new project to cut childhood malnutrition in Zambia.

Concern Worldwide’s Hunger Stops Here appeal raised an incredible £2.8 million. £925,000 of that was from people in Northern Ireland. Public support for the appeal was backed by the UK government, with every donation made being matched pound for pound.

The campaign highlighted how extreme hunger among mothers and children around the world causes 3.5 million deaths every year. Rose Caldwell, Executive Director of Concern Worldwide UK, said: “We are so grateful to NIPSA for supporting our appeal. It is only through the generosity of the public that we have been able to launch this project that will transform the lives of children living in Zambia.” The three-year project, which began in April this year, aims to cut undernutrition among children and mothers by giving families vital knowledge and access to many of the foods they need for a balanced diet. So far, Concern has:

  • Formed 155 women’s groups with nearly 2,500 members, who meet twice a week for support and to build their skills.
  • Trained 150 smallholder model farmers, who will act as group leaders - increasing their knowledge of sustainable agricultural techniques, homestead food production and livestock management.
  • Given 150 farmers bicycles so they can visit and train their group members.
  • Worked with 210 community health volunteers. They will promote breastfeeding and explain the benefits of nutrition to pregnant women and new mothers in their communities.
  • Worked with 150 men to help them become role models in their communities. This might mean encouraging other men to take part in household and childcare tasks.

Danny Harvey, Concern’s Country Director in Zambia, said: “These activities are just the start. We want this project to have a huge impact on children’s ability to grow and learn, and leave them better placed to earn a living as adults. This will help future generations escape the poverty trap and build a brighter future for their families, communities and country.