The project is being proposed in the backdrop of extremely lower livelihood situation. With minimal, and too often, with no access to financial resources

Thus the target communities, particularly, women are in dire need of provision of technical and financial resources to uplift their social, economic and livelihood status for better living. In order to materialize it, the project seeks to provide with, and promote livestock among the target population.

The project seeks to reach out some of the most down-trodden communities in order to uplift their socio-economic, livelihood, and human development status.

Too often, women and children in a developing countries represent the most vulnerable communities, they represent minority and labour community. Their situation is further hampered as they continue to live on the outermost margins of their subsistence. They are deprived of access to income and employment opportunities.

Physical and sexual harassment (women/girls) is overwhelming, and is taken with impunity.

The project seeks to cover the geographic outreach in the district Rahim Yarkhan, which comes under the Southern Part of the Punjab province of Pakistan.

In the following, we present the analytical framework to achieve the project objectives, and ensure measurable impact of this project: (continued overleaf)

Outline of Major Activities:

  • Skills Enhancement for women and income generating activities;
  • Health Awareness Programs for Mother and Child health;
  • Promoting importance of education women and girls;
  • Promoting role of women in Peace building and inter faith harmony in current scenario of our country.

Our Approach:

Our theory of change will led us to organize women in 5 small groups. It will start with a consultative process and finally women were taking lead in decision making regarding nature and scope of activities. It will be our objective that marginalizes women will participate in project planning and implementation with full vigor and confidence. To achieve a set target, USWS will support the women to create an enabling environment for economic empowerment.

Project’s Implementation and Analytical Framework




Livestock Development

Women Cooperative Groups

Formation of 5 Women cooperative groups (WCG) for Livestock

Livestock Management Training

12 trainings for women

12 Training on Livestock Management and Cooperative Management for marginalised women

Kitchen Gardening Training

Minority Communities

12 Trainings on Kitchen Gardening


Provision of 10 goat set (4+1) to monitory family through WCG


Provision of 30 sets (14+1) of poultry to monitory family through WCG


Provision of seed and gardening kits in 50 monitory family through Community groups