To coincide with Carer’s Week (12-18 June 2017) NIPSA’s Equality Committee joined up with Carers Northern Ireland to deliver a workshop which focused on workplaces being more supportive of carers.

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NIPSA Equality Committee organised an event on Friday 19 May 2017 held at NIPSA HQ, Belfast.

The event examined through the lens of equality the impact of cuts to jobs and services, including welfare and social care reforms.

Domestic and sexual violence and abuse are serious crimes and cannot be tolerated in any society. It is the job of trade unions to fight for social justice in all dimensions. That includes speaking up for the victims of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. It also includes seeking to change attitudes in society for the good. We have moved from the days when no one wanted to intervene in a domestic situation. It is time to act to change attitudes to make sure that women, men and children are not subject to violence in their home or anywhere else.

Our range of posters on the theme of Hidden Disabliites are now available for download, click on the links below.

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Non-violent forms of domestic violence and abuse can be just as damaging as physical violence. Financial abuse is one such form

A new Financial Abuse Guidance produced by the Belfast Area Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Partnership was officially launched on Thursday 1st December in Stormont.

Half of the women who responded to an Equality Commission investigation into the employment experiences of pregnant workers and mothers in Northern Ireland believe that their career opportunities have been negatively affected by their pregnancy or maternity leave.