The guide was first published in October 2018 in furtherance of Comprehensive Motion No.79 which was adopted at the 2018 NIPSA Annual Delegate Conference. The guide has been revised to emphasise more the terms of Resolution No.8 relating to sickness absence, which was adopted at this year's Annual Delegate Conference.

The guide has been produced for branches and activists to assist female members in the workplace and to bring about improved working conditions for women who are going through the menopause.

We are calling on branches to take the opportunity on World Menopause Day to raise awareness of how the menopause affects so many women in the workplace and press employers to take action to address the health and safety and equality issues linked to the menopause, especially in the context of Covid-19. Employers must ensure risk assessments take the needs of menopausal women into account and that measures to effectively remove or control risks (including the risk of stress) are implemented.

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