NIPSA has long recognised that rights for working mothers are not just a women’s issue and NIPSA is committed to developing and protecting workplace rights that support working parents and vigorously campaigns for work-life balance policies to assist working parents combine work and caring responsibilities. NIPSA is committed to ensuring that women who want to continue breastfeeding on returning to work are provided with appropriate working arrangements and facilities.

According to the World Health Organisation, Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers and, as well as benefitting mother and child, robust breastfeeding policies can also help employers.

Whilst it is acknowledged that not all mothers can or wish to breastfeed, and this should be a matter of personal choice, it is important that there are policies and support mechanisms in place for those who do.

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