To coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which took place on 21 March 2018, the NIPSA Equality Committee has produced a series of posters and a leaflet. The aim is to stimulate and support workplaces to:

  • Be free from discrimination and harassment;
  • Be welcoming to black and minority ethnic (including Traveller and migrant) employees and customers/service users;
  • Accommodate, make adjustments for and value cultural and linguistic diversity among employees and customers alongside a wider accommodation of diversity including making reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities;
  • Take practical steps to achieve full equality in practice;
  • Communicate a message promoting greater equality for black and minority ethnic people within the wider community.
  • On International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination NIPSA is calling on all of us – workers, employers, politicians, members of society to ‘Stand up Against Racism’ and make our workplaces and wider society racism free.

Please ensure the leaflet and posters are widely distributed throughout the workplace and displayed prominently on notice boards. A small supply of posters and leaflets are available from NIPSA by contacting Lesley-Anne Scott.

Geraldine Alexander

Assistant Secretary

Download this file (Anti-Racism-Booklet.pdf)Zero Tolerance of Racism Leaflet[Download our Anti-Racism Leaflet]679 kB
Download this file (Anti-Racism-4.pdf)Make your workplace Racism free Poster[Download our Anti-Racism Poster Series]167 kB
Download this file (Anti-Racism-3.pdf)Stamp Out Racism in the Workplace Poster[Download our Anti-Racism Poster Series]753 kB
Download this file (Anti-Racism-2.pdf)Stand Up Against Racism Poster[Download our Anti-Racism Poster Series]396 kB
Download this file (Anti-Racism-1.pdf)Challenge Racism Poster[Download our Anti-Racism Poster Series]352 kB