NIPSA is delighted to welcome the announcement today by NICS management of a new policy for claiming mileage expenses. This new policy which comes into force on 1 June 2022, brings to an end a long-running dispute between Management and NIPSA and is the culmination of years of negotiation.

From 1 June, those using their cars for work travel can claim mileage under the ‘lesser of’’ rule when travelling to somewhere other than their permanent workplace. This is a change from the current practice of deducting all home to office mileage. The FAQs that accompany the policy will detail the impact of the change but in essence it means that many of our members will now be reimbursed for more miles travelled than they have been previously.

At a time when fuel prices and other cost of living expenses are soaring, this new policy is very welcome and I am very proud of the part played by NIPSA colleagues who worked alongside me to bring this new policy into being.

Carmel Gates
General Secretary