By now you will have received your arrears of pay from 1 August 2020, for the pay award imposed by the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy.

I know you will be disappointed and angry with the failure of the NI Assembly to provide the finances necessary to end the years of constant and real pay cuts that this award continues to represent.

NIPSA does not accept the UK Government’s claim that there is no money to cover the pay rises deserved by workers who have suffered through the pandemic and through the proceeding years of austerity. The Tory government has found and will continue to find the funds it needs for the issues that match its policies. The pay cuts imposed on workers are a policy choice and not a financial imperative.

NIPSA is continuing to meet with the NI Executive Parties to make the case to them that they must make available the funds that are necessary to provide for better pay for Civil Servants and workers in Arms’ Length Bodies. I will keep you apprised of those discussions and developments.

In the meantime, it is very important that every member becomes active and involved in their local NIPSA branch particularly through this difficult time where members are isolated and working from home.

I would also ask each of you to become actively involved in the recruitment of new members to strengthen our ranks and build our fighting capacity for the challenges ahead. Click here link to a membership application form which allows new members to join online. 

In closing, I would bring your attention to the pay offer recently made to our colleagues in the Health Service. The offer falls far short of the pay claim submitted by the unions and is an insult to them. I know you share my gratitude and appreciation for the work health workers do for us, particularly during this continuing pandemic. I would ask you to offer both moral and physical support to colleagues in NIPSA and the other health trade unions as they begin protest and other action to challenge their derisory pay offer. We will keep you posted on developments through Facebook and Twitter.

Yours sincerely

Carmel Gates
General Secretary (Designate)