NIPSA has received a range of queries from members regarding a Working from Home Allowance. NIPSA has been pursuing this for a number of months, but unfortunately to date other than in a few Arm’s Length Bodies we have not been successful to date. Management Side have argued that staff working from home are saving on travel costs etc. and have refused to seriously engage on this issue. Another opportunity has opened up with the Management Side recently tabling a draft Working from Home Policy and this issue will be raised again in that context.

As we move into the winter months the cost of heating, lighting and powering IT equipment will continue to rise. The NICS has a duty to ensure that staff who are compelled to workfrom home should not bear any additional costs and NIPSA will continue to raise this issue.

You can potentially make a claim from HMRC but the amount you would receive back would equate via an amendment to your tax code of £1.20 per week for a basic rate tax payer. Details of how to do this is available from the HMRC website.

Alison Millar
General Secretary