I am writing to advise that a formal offer has been received from Management Side on the 2017/18 pay claim. The overall pay package for staff is for the reporting year 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 and would apply from 1 August 2017. The elements proposed are as follows:

  • all eligible satisfactory performers to receive one step progression with effect from 1 August 2017;
  • all points on pay-scales from minimum to maximum to be revalorised by 1%;
  • any eligible staff receiving less than a 1% consolidated increase to receive a non-consolidated, pensionable payment to bring them up to the equivalent value of 1% of their salary (for those in receipt of a salary in excess of the maximum, this would be limited to 1% of the equivalent NICS scale maximum) at 31 July 2017;
  • the bottom step of the AO - SO and analogous non-industrial pay-scales to be removed.

Fixed-rate allowances listed in Annex A to be increased by 1% with effect from 1 August 2018. In recognition of the need to review allowances in payment, Management Side commits to commence a review of all allowances during 2018/19 year.

Other Elements of the Claim

Management Side acknowledges Trade Union Side’s concerns about the future of the AA grade and commits to researching this issue further with Departments in order to inform further discussions with Trade Union Side in the 2018/19 year.

Paybill Costs

Management Side has calculated that this package is worth around 1.88% of the paybill.

Executive Committee’s position

NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee has met to consider this offer. In consideration of the offer the Civil Service Executive Committee was very mindful that in the absence of an Assembly we are in an unprecedented position. In the normal course of events we would have lobbied and met with the Finance Minister and others to advance our pay claim. This option was not open to NIPSA because of the current political impasse. In discussing this situation NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee will be writing to all political parties highlighting the very unacceptable position this has left NIPSA in and calling on the political parties to get back into Government.

The Department of Finance Permanent Secretary indicated that in the absence of a devolved Minister he can only work within the mandate and remit of the previous Minister.

As members will be aware NIPSA’s claim was for 5% on all pay points and allowances, further scale shortening, addressing the issue of an AA/AO single grade and exploring the issue of a single EOII/EOI grade.

This offer falls far short of the pay claim submitted by NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee. The Executive Committee are therefore recommending rejection of the offer.

The Civil Service Executive Committee is now moving to consult members on the pay offer. This consultation period will open immediately and will close at 2.00pm on Friday 11 May 2018. Thereafter the Civil Service Executive Committee will meet on Monday 14 May 2018 to consider the outcome of the Branch consultation exercise.

Branches should therefore now arrange to consult their members and hold meetings to discuss the offer. Any branch wishing to have a speaker to address their branch consultation meeting should contact Elizabeth Buchanan at NIPSA on 028 9066 1831 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will organise a speaker for your branch meeting.

General Secretary



The following fixed-rate allowances will be up-rated by 1% effective from 1 August 2018:

Table A
Name of Allowance

ICT allowance
On-call allowance at home weekends and bank holidays
Prisons Environmental Allowance
On Call Allowance at home Weekdays
Typing Proficiency Allowance
Audio Typing Proficiency Allowance
FSNI On Call Weekday Typing Skills Allowance
FSNI On Call Weekend/Bank Holidays
On Call Allowance with Mobile Pager Weekends/ Bank Holidays
On Call Allowance with Mobile Pager Weekdays
NIO Special Duties Payment Weekend/ Bank Holidays
NIO Special Duties Payment Weekdays
DVA Dual Role Allowance
Flood Emergency Duty Officers Weekends
YJA Secure
Duty Engineers Allowance
Vet Officer Meat Inspection
Flood Emergency Duty Officers Weekdays
Duty Officer Stormont House
On Call Allowance
Instructional Officer
Accountancy Allowance
Standby Allowance Office Weekdays
Standby Allowance
Duty Officer DOJ
FSNI Scene Attendance
Ordnance Survey Protective Clothing
Sea Going Allowance
Special Duty Payment
Duty Emergency Pollution Officer
Flight Allowance Ordnance Survey
Culvert Inspector
Clothing Allowance
Footwear Allowance
Standby Allowance Office Weekends/ Bank Holidays
FSNI Lab Attendance
Typing Audio Allowance A
Typing Lower Skills Allowance
Protective Footwear Allowance
Additional Prison Env
Uniform Allowance
Diving Allowance
Daily Cont Dirty Protest
Female Tights Allowance
Instructor Versatility Allowance
Footwear allowance

It is important to note that allowances that are calculated as a percentage of salary automatically increase when pay is increased. These are:

Table B
Name of allowance

Shift Disturbance Allowance (including All Hours Worked Allowance)
Extended Day Working Weekend
Deputising Allowance NICS
Supervisory Allowance
Night Duty Allowance 25%
Night Duty Allowance 33%
Information Officers Allowance
Extended Day Working Weekday
Additional Shift Disturbance Allowances
Managing Inspections Allowance (linked to G6 max)
Weighbridge Testing Unit
Deputising Admin Asst
Deputising Allowance NIO
Deputising Admin Officer
Deputising EO2
Night Duty 33 1/3%
Watchperson Cleaner Weekend Allowance

Other allowances, including travel and subsistence allowances, will not be uprated as part of this pay award.