Following a number of queries from members who transferred from the NICS to Local Government at the 1st April 2015 I am writing to clarify the position for these members in relation to 2015 pay.

The issue of the payment of increments is contractual and therefore all transferred civil servants who were due their contractual increment (if applicable) effective from 1st August 2015 should have this paid. Some Councils have already paid the increment and NIPSA is pursuing other Councils to ensure, where it has not been paid, that it is paid as soon as possible.

The issue of an annual pay uplift is not contractual and therefore NIPSA have been considering how best to deal with this to ensure that members are not disadvantaged, because of the transfer to local government, which was not something over which they had any control. Having given this detailed consideration and having taken advice the best way to progress this issue is to seek to have Local Government Employers pay the same cost of living increase as for NICS staff. At this point in time there is no agreement on NICS pay for 2015, but negotiations are ongoing.

In the event that Local Government Employers refused to implement the NICS agreement for 2015 then NIPSA believe it would be appropriate to pursue the issue via the Staff Transfer Scheme which stated that no member would suffer a detriment as a result of the transfer which would ultimately result in a determination by an Independent Appeal Panel established to deal with RPA issues under the auspices of the Labour Relations Agency.

It is NIPSA’s intention to write to Chief Executive’s lodging this claim on behalf of transferred civil servants so that when an agreement reached for NICS staff the issue can be pursued speedily within local government. Whenever there is agreement on NICS pay a further bulletin will be issued.

Alison Millar

General Secretary (Designate)