NIPSA has been involved in discussions with the Education Authority and the Department of Education to address the failure to pay NJC increments in April’s pay.

I wish to confirm that Management have now responded and have shared the following information which I hope you find helpful. NIPSA will be following up this issue to ensure that a repeat of this breakdown in arrangements does not happen next April. 

Response from Management received on Friday 1 May:

Further to earlier e-mail exchanges I am glad to advise that as a result of the efforts (this week) of staff in the EA and DE there will be no delay in the payment of incremental progression for eligible support staff on M2 and M3 mid-monthly payrolls.  Eligible support staff paid on the M1 payroll (month end) will receive incremental pay progression at the end of May 2020 and will receive the arrears due for the month of April 2020 in their June 2020 salary.

Alan Law
Assistant Secretary (Acting)