Further the posting on NJC Pay Offer which indicated that consultation was underway on the Employers’ Side on a 2 year NJC pay offer.

Following consultation by the NJC Trade Unions with their members it has today been announced that agreement has been reached which covers the 2018/19 and 2019/20 pay years. The details of the pay scales are attached. It is likely that these will be implemented in the salaries of NIPSA members in Local Government in May salaries. For all other parts of the public sector covered by NJC contractual pay agreements NIPSA will be making representations to have the pay increases paid as quickly as possible. It is likely those employers will argue that they will need to seek authority from their parent Department and the Department of Finance.

I appreciate members in areas such as the Education Authority, Further Education, Housing Executive, Libraries NI and some areas of the voluntary and community sector will find this process frustrating, as does NIPSA. However I wish to assure you that NIPSA will be doing everything possible to have pay increases paid as quickly as possible.

Members should also be aware that NIPSA is disappointed that yet again our members are receiving a below inflation pay increase.

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