As you may remember from previous correspondence issued by NIPSA in respect of the above issue the union has attempted to engage constructively with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) in an effort to deal with a legal requirement on all employers to ensure that overtime worked is taken into account when calculating holiday pay for workers.

Unfortunately Management have unilaterally decided to introduce a method of calculating this, the period over which this will be done and critically a backdating arrangement which only goes back to January 2017, worse than any other employer where NIPSA organise.

On foot of the most recent HR Bulletin 97 issued to all staff NIPSA has now lodged a formal disagreement with the NIHE and requested a meeting to discuss that registered disagreement.  A copy of that correspondence is included with this bulletin.

As the employer has now moved ahead to implement an unagreed way to deal with this matter NIPSA has no choice now but to encourage members affected to lodge individual grievances (NIPSA already indicated that its letter should be viewed as a collective grievance).  

In addition Branches should now arrange meetings to discuss this issue.  I will be happy to attend all meetings arranged.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide as much information as we can, following which members affected will be asked to complete an Industrial Tribunal Complaint.  Details will be provided to you about what should be included in that complaint so that the specifics are fairly standard for all concerned.

You should be aware that NIPSA has lodged hundreds, if not thousands of Tribunal Complaints of a similar nature across many areas across the public service and civil service.  NIPSA’s lawyers will be pursuing those Tribunal Complaints on your behalf once lodged.

Branch Secretaries should share correspondence with all members and now make arrangements through the Trade Union Side Office to organise Branch Meetings to take this matter forward over the coming couple of months.