The Trade Union Side of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services: Northern Ireland, England and Wales has submitted the 2020/21 pay claim to the Local Government Association. The claim is for: 

As you will be aware, year 2 of the 2018-2020 NJC Pay Agreement stipulates that employers have a choice of 2 assimilation options which require negotiation and agreement with the recognised trade unions prior to implementation of the annual pay rise. NIPSA has taken the lead in recent negotiations with the Education Authority, together with our sister trade unions Unison, GMB, Unite and AEP (Association of Education Psychologists).

NIPSA has been pressing for the implementation of the 2018-19 NJC pay increase for support staff in the Further Education sector.  I can advise that the Department for the Economy has approved the pay remit for 2018-19 and Colleges will now work to pay the uplift and arrears in the January 2019 salaries.  The effective date for implementation is 1 April 2018.

Work is commencing between Trade Unions and the FE employers regarding the implementation of the new pay scales for April 2019.  Members will be kept informed via circulars on progress on 2019 pay increase.


As you may remember from previous correspondence issued by NIPSA in respect of the above issue the union has attempted to engage constructively with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) in an effort to deal with a legal requirement on all employers to ensure that overtime worked is taken into account when calculating holiday pay for workers.

Further to posting dated 23 April 2018 I am writing to update you on the latest developments regarding NICS 2017/18 pay.  The Civil Service Executive Committee considered the outcome of the Branch consultation exercise on the pay offer tabled by Management Side as outlined in the above bulletin.  There was a unanimous rejection of the offer by all branches that responded to the consultation exercise.  Therefore the Civil Service Executive Committee in considering the response advised the Management Side that there was an outright rejection of the 1% pay offer and the other elements contained within the offer.

Following consultation by the NJC Trade Unions with their members it has today been announced that agreement has been reached which covers the 2018/19 and 2019/20 pay years. The details of the pay scales are attached. It is likely that these will be implemented in the salaries of NIPSA members in Local Government in May salaries. For all other parts of the public sector covered by NJC contractual pay agreements NIPSA will be making representations to have the pay increases paid as quickly as possible. It is likely those employers will argue that they will need to seek authority from their parent Department and the Department of Finance.