NIPSA's Civil Service Executive Committee have considered the current and ongoing Transformation of NICS ICT Services and have a range of concerns about the provision of ICT Services in the NICS and the impact of centralisation on Departments.

Please find attached a consultation document covering two issues as follows:

Consultation of Rectification of the Cost Cap Floor Breach

As part of the review of the NICS Pension Scheme as required as part of the 3 yearly valuation of the Scheme it has been identified that the 'floor' has been breached and this needs to be rectified to ensure it brings the scheme cost back to the target of 18.3%.  NIPSA has had engagement via the NICS Pensions Forum and following that engagement and advice from the Scheme Advisory Board it is proposed to address this via two proposals as follows:

NIPSA lodged the following pay claim for NICS members on 20 September following the member consultation carried out over the summer months and consideration by the Civil Service Group Executive Committee.

The NIPSA Civil Service Group Annual Delegate Conference Agenda 2018 ...

NIPSA today responded to the statistical report on Civil Service sickness levels by placing the full responsibility at the door of the NICS management.

Further to NIPSA Bulletin B/04/06 issued on 24 May 2018 advising that the NICS 2017/18 pay would be imposed I received a number of queries from branches in arms length bodies who will not receive their pay arrears in July 2018 like many of their civil service counterparts.  NIPSA has raised this with a range of political parties and with the Permanent Secretary, Department of Finance, Sue Gray.  Following a communication with the Permanent Secretary, DoF she has agreed to arrange to meet with NIPSA on this issue.  I am in the process of seeking to arrange this meeting whereby NIPSA will seek to ensure that members receive their pay increase in a timely fashion.

I will keep branches updated in due course on my engagement with the DoF Permanent Secretary.

Alison Millar

General Secretary