The NIPSA Civil Service Group Annual Delegate Conference Agenda 2018 ...

NIPSA today responded to the statistical report on Civil Service sickness levels by placing the full responsibility at the door of the NICS management.

Now that the NICS 2017/18 pay will be imposed I received a number of queries from branches in arms length bodies who will not receive their pay arrears in July 2018 like many of their civil service counterparts. 

I am writing to update members on a significant development regarding the Treasury pay guidance for civil service pay for 2018-19. 

The Civil Service Executive Committee have been giving consideration to the content of the NICS Pay Claim for 2018-19. 

An update you on the latest developments regarding NICS 2017/18 pay.

The Civil Service Executive Committee considered the outcome of the Branch consultation exercise on the pay offer tabled by Management Side as outlined in the above bulletin. There was a unanimous rejection of the offer by all branches that responded to the consultation exercise. Therefore the Civil Service Executive Committee in considering the response advised the Management Side that there was an outright rejection of the 1% pay offer and the other elements contained within the offer.